• I'm David

    I am a data and backend engineer who desires to make more human the way we work and make business. In order to do that I created the lentoycontento movement.

    Speaker, teacher of many things but overall just someone who learn about beautiful things. I really care about leaving people better than I found them.

    Tech Lead at Quantil.

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  • More?

    I also enjoy Distributed Systems and Architecture. You will read about my thoughts about it at distr.club which will soon have content.

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About Me

Who Am I?

Hi! I'm David I'm the Tech Lead at Quantil where I build large data systems with Python, Cloud and love. As it says above, I am data and backend engineer, but that is not all.

Although I am quite young, I've already realised the way work can improve. Through the lentoycontento movement I want to make it more human, influencing how we build businesses while we do it but most importantly how work fits into our life as whole.

I appreciate the beauty of Cryptography, and recently I've started to believe effective visualization is key to solve real world problems. Lastly, my girlfriend teaches me every day not to take Design for granted and to care for details, since God is in them.

People who understand technology must work to improve the world, not make it worse. Let everything we do be transparent and full of goodness. Protect people and their rights. Do not take advantage..

I will be speaking at Pycon Charlas! It is a Pycon US event organized py the PSF to encourange Spanish speakers to show how amazing we are. I am also invited to talk at !!Con, a conference to celebrate the joyous, exciting, and surprising moments in computing.

Check out mine and other talks here!
Learn more about !!Con here
Cups of tea missing: with you?
Years of building stuff
Years as a teacher
My specialties


I have worked with many technologies through the years:





Dash by Plotly

dash by plotly







I also built web applications using:

html css javascript


A bunch of

Cool stuff that happens

Latin America people present in Pycon US 2019

Meeting so many cool people from Latin America who build great things was the best experience at Pycon US 2019. Hope to see you all next year at Pitsburgh!



  • Introduction to Devops, Microsoft
  • Blockchain and its applications, Universidad del Rosario

Graduate courses

  • Cryptography: Graduate level foundation on traditional cryptography, principles of cryptoanalysis, secret key ciphers, key agreements, authentication protocols, digital signatures and public key ciphers. Professor Milton Quiroga is awesome and I can sincerely say this is one of the best courses I've taken. To see the type of things we do: Shamir's secret sharing scheme
  • Secure Infrastructure: The course revolves around the components of an infrastructure solution: services and applications, processing, operating systems and communications. For each of these components, the respective risks and the corresponding controls that can be implemented are analyzed.
  • Scientific Computing and Visualization: More info here. Together with Juan Murillo we wrote an small paper.

Undergraduate courses

Uniandes courses are full of teamwork and projects, here are some of the CS undergraduate courses I took and love the most:

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms: I learned about language semantics, algorithm construction, strategies, optimal route graph algorithms, Greedy algorithms, Search within graphs and the basics of computational complexity theory.
  • Web development: Used React, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Node and sometimes Meteor to build cool web applications such as kipcount Learn more here.

Teaching Experience: I taught Mathematics and Physics courses for three years.


Work Experience

Tech Lead 2018-2019

It seems I did a god job, since now I am Tech Lead ;) I do a lot of things, including:
  • Lead the implementation of the company’s strategy plan to redesign the IT area in order to grow it and have a higher impact in our customers.
  • Lead the technical implementation of data science projects for multiple clients in the Health, Cloud, Finance and Public sectors.
  • Maintain all the Infrastructure in the company.

Engineer: Quantil 2018

After helping Quantil with the development of Candidata, they invited me to join the team as an Engineer. Together we worked on the implementation of an ETL pipeline and then connected it to a big data analytics architecture based on CassandraDB and Django web Services. This architecture helped answer multiple analytics questions, impacting our client's client base positively.

Research Assistant: Universidad de los Andes 2017

Professor Sandra Rueda invited me to join her one of her PhD students as a research assistant in the development of a secure architecture and protocols for communication between nodes in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN)

Teacher Assistant: Universidad de los Andes 2014-2018

Teacher assistant for the Systems Engineering and Computation department at Universidad de los Andes.

Courses TA'd:

  • Computational Infrastructure: Spring 2018
  • Technological Infrastructure, Fall 2017
  • Discrete Mathematics, Fall 2015


Talks at Conferences


Pycon US 2019 - Charlas

I spoke at Pycon Charlas! It is a Pycon US event organized py the PSF to encourange Spanish speakers to show how amazing we are. Learn more here

Analytics Forum 2019, Universidad de los Andes

Pycon Colombia 2019

My first conference! Learn more here

Talks at Meetups, schools, etc

Invite me to talk using the contact form down below!

Machine Learning y Data Science Colombia

Pyladies Colombia

Algorithms group Bogotá

During 2014 I co-orgnized Algorithms Group Bogotá. We solved hard core algorithmic questions and taught others to do the same. Sadly, we have no record of the experience :(

Get in Touch


Here is my resume in case you need it.

You can find me in Twitter as @dwhitelined.


dmdr[!at!]protonmail.com for people who care about privacy

Living in Bogotá, Colombia, but traveling to Cleveland and New York in May